Conference Weekend

Hey Y'all,
It's been a crazy busy week down here in the ABM and you can really tell that summer is right around the corner.  The temperature has been around 80 degrees for most of the week and it has been gorgeous out; I'm beginning to understand the very apparent reason behind Greenville's name.

Last week, on our preparation day, we had the great privilege of going to the Montgomery Zoo as a district.  It was so much fun and the weather was great! Surprisingly, the zoo was much bigger than we anticipated and we ended up spending around 3 hours at the zoo and still didn't get to see all of the exhibits.  A member of the church worked at the admissions counter and gave all of us tickets so that we could ride the chairlift that takes us around the zoo.  The day was a blast and we saw a ton of exotic animals and even came home with a nice sunburn.

On Tuesday, we had our weekly district meeting up in Montgomery and it was honestly a disaster.  I was fairly angered at the outcome of it but all was made better when my companion, Elder Bradshaw, and I had a rare dinner appointment with a great lady in our branch.  The dinner was absolutely amazing and I am really coming to love southern cooking.  I just hope that all of the food I ate doesn't catch up with me anytime soon.

The remainder of our week was spent in Greenville as we were instructed to stay near our apartment during the severe storms that have been happening frequently.  On Wednesday evening, we were able to meet with the Barret Family, a part member family where the kids are only baptized.  These are our investigators that do indeed live in a tent.  They have had some situations in life that has led them to where they are now but are looking fervently to improve their situation.  Brother and Sister Barret agreed to be baptized on the 29th of April with the condition of quitting smoking by the 22nd.  We are hopeful for them and know that gospel will bless their lives abundantly.

The weekend finally caught up to us and it was time to watch General Conference.  I've been anticipating conference for the past couple of weeks and am so grateful to have been able to watch each session of conference.  When we first showed up to the church Saturday morning, we were the only ones there and nothing was set up to view the broadcast.  Once we got everything set up, we discovered that we did not have an English broadcast of conference and had to call Salt Lake to troubleshoot our problems.  During the Saturday sessions of conference, we got our transfer news and found out that Elder Bradshaw will be leaving on Wednesday to re-open Talladega and I will be staying in Greenville and receiving Elder Messerly as my new companion. I'm stoked for this upcoming transfer and can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for me.

I was so grateful to hear the words of our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson during conference.  I particularly enjoyed his address Sunday morning and his divine instruction on the Book of Mormon.  I hope that we can all adhere to his counsel and strive to nourish our testimonies of the Book of Mormon each and every day.  I have found that as I study it each day, I have gained a deeper love and greater understanding of the importance the Book of Mormon is in my life.  I know that as you all choose to do so, you too can gain a greater love for the Book of Mormon and also strengthen your faith as it is essential to our firm foundation in the gospel.

I hope you all can go back and study the words that were shared with us this past weekend.  I am so grateful to be here in Alabama sharing the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with our Heavenly Father's children.  I miss you all and pray for you daily.

Have a safe and blessed week!
Elder Foster


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying it down there. I know we are all proud of you.
    Bring home some good recipes. :)

    Love you, Aunt Toot


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