Week 24

Hey Everyone,
     I hope y'all have been able to have a remarkable week.  This past week was a blast and a great deal was able to be accomplished in Greenville, Alabama.
     To keep things brief, I just wanted to let y'all know that during our visits with the Barret family this week, their oldest son, Daniel, exressed to us that he hopes to be able to serve a mission soon.  Their family is slowly progressing toward baptism each and every day.  We have to push back their date for 29th of this month because of the difficulty it is on them to overcome their addictions to smoking.  Oddly, many great things have been able to come from this. We have been working with  Daniel, who was baptized a few years ago, and he should be soon receiving the Aaronic Priesthood and then he can be the one to baptize his parents when the time comes.  We now that this will draw the Barret family much closer together.
     Also this week, Elder Messerly and I finally got ahold of a referral that our area got well over a month ago.  When we knocked on his door, his elderly mom answered and said that Timothy was sleeping yet she insisted on waking him up.  During our brief visit with Timothy, I had come to know a man who has clearly been searching all of his life for the true church upon the Earth.
This experience truly strengthened my testimony to never give up on those seeking out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Timothy was not home for the past couple of weeks due to a serious family illness.  He had no way of contacting us and after multiple failed attempts, we were about ready to drop the referral.  I am so glad now that we didn't and Timothy also expressed to us that same gratitude.
I know this week ahead of me will surely be exhausting as usual but I wouldn't want it any other way.      I love being able to serve my Heavenly Father's children each and ever day in Alabama.  I know that the Gospel will bless their lives as it has abundantly done to mine.    

I wish you all a blessed week and love each of you,
Elder Foster