6 Months!!

Hey Y'all,
It feels like it's been forever since I posted on here!  It has been a crazy past couple of weeks down in Alabama.
There has not been a lot of new things happening aside from the always unpredictable weather and the end of another transfer near.
So the main family which we have been teaching, the Barrets, have been making leaps in their progression towards baptism.  We recently went over all of the baptismal interview questions and it was clearly made known to us that they are ready to be baptized.  The only thing that holds them back are struggles with the Word of Wisdom but we are confident that goal setting and hard work on their part and ours will surely result in baptism which is now scheduled for the 10th of June.  Hopefully I will be able to stay here in Greenville for at least one more transfer so I can continue to work with this awesome family.
On 30th of last month, our branch had one of their famous Linger Longers following church on Sunday.  The members and even our Mission President talked about it in great deal leading up to that day.  My companion and I helped to set up for the dinner during 3rd of church on Sunday and by the end of it, we had around 30 feet of tables absolutely packed with an endless array of southern dishes.  I think I ended up eating around 4 plates myself and took 3 home for left overs.  Oddly, the branch members and our Branch President kept apologizing to us because of the lack of food.  Apparently it isn't a true Highland Home Linger Longer if 2 of the hallways aren't filled with tables of food.  I definitely wasn't disappointed though!  
We will be getting our transfer calls on Saturday and I'm honestly not too sure what to expect.  It is pretty hard to predict President Sainsbury's transfers.  I know there will be many changes happening soon as there are around 30 missionaries going home by the end of June with less than 10 new missionaries coming out.
I can't wait to Skype home at the end of this week for Mother's Day.  I don't think my Mom can wait any longer!
I love you all and can't thank you enough for the endless support and prayers I have received.
Elder Foster


  1. So glad you are enjoying yourself. I know mom and family are waiting patiently (kind of) :)
    On this side it seems like you have been gone longer.
    His it hot and Humid there? Big difference from here, from what I've been told.
    Love of love, Toot


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