Week 32

Hey Everyone,
It feels like it has been a good minute since I have posted anything on here.  These past couple of weeks have been chalk-full of meetings, people to visit, and adjustments to many new expectations from our Mission President.
Many of you know already, but we had a baptism a couple of weeks ago for 2 teenagers named Mackenzie and Quinlan.  They are still doing great and soaking up the new member lessons.  However, something even great has happened with them.  Their mother, was discussing with a member in our ward her desire to join the church and take the missionary discussions.  This is so freaking exciting! The gospel truly does bless families and I truly look forward to helping this entire family reap the many blessings our Heavenly Father has available for them.
Since our last Zone Conference, our Mission President's wife is having each of the missionaries spend a lot of time dedicated to family history work.  It is her hope, and mine as well, that as we are actively engaged in family history, we will have the desire to share it with others as a method to help bring people into the church.  I have had a lot of success lately doing my family history work and can truly say that I have a completed 4 generation pedigree chart.  I know that aside from the missionary work that needs to be completed on this Earth, there is even more on the other side of the veil.  I love this work and hope to be able to take this desire with me throughout my mission and even afterwards. Also, in an effort to increase our baptisms in this mission, our Mission President is pushing for a change in how our evenings are structured in regards to our meal appointments.  He has asked that everyone finish all of there meal appointments by 6:00 every day so that we have 3 hours each night dedicated to missionary work.  It is certainly a difficult change as it requires a sacrifice on the members who so kindly feed us each day, however, I am confident that as we continually act in Faith, we can achieve President Sainsbury's desire to increase our baptisms in the Alabama Birmingham Mission.
Anyway, it has been so great to hear from all of you.  I want to apologize for not responding to every email I receive but I am absolutely excited to hear from each of you and love hearing about what is going on back at home.  I feel your continued support and prayers each day and don't even know how to begin thanking all of you.  I hope y'all have a blessed week!
Elder Foster


  1. It looks like you are in a very beautiful area. It sounds like the new challenges of being moved are being overcome. I am glad to hear that you are doing well. Hope the summers down there are not to warm and muggy. Love reading your notes. We are always thinking about you - Love Aunt Toot


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