49 Weeks!

Hey Y'all,

It has been a great few weeks and I see the work in Monte Sano improving greatly.  As our mission president says, "We are working slowly on building the ABM (Alabama Birmingham Mission) Ship."

So to give you a run down of what has been going on here, we have seven investigators that are ALL progressing. Each is making progress at their own pace right now but I'm confident that there will be baptisms here within the next couple of weeks.  One media referral we received last week, named James Shannon, came to church with us this weekend and told us to put him "on the fast tract to getting my records down here." He expressed too that he desires to be baptized as soon as he can; he also told us that once he gets baptized, he is getting a one-way ticket to Tahiti so he can get the heck away from this country! We have a variety of folks that we are teaching all ranging from 15-60 years old and I'm so grateful and feel blessed to teach each of these people.

This week also included some unplanned interviews and I concluded from my interview, that I will be leaving Monte Sano to go to a new area when transfers happen at the first of November.  I'm nervous to see where the Lord will take me but I know that He places each and everyone of us where He needs us at this time.

I love you all and appreciate everything each of you do.  Continue to spread the Gospel by your examples and help more of God's children experience the blessing that are in store!

Elder Seth Foster
Steadfast in Christ!

The weather has been bipolar lately
This is a prime example of what we see daily
Typical southern storm rolling in 
I wasn't even aware this was being taken....