Week 47: General Conference

Hey Y'all

What a blessed week it has been! I feel so grateful to have been able to watch and listen to General Conference and for the inspiring words we received from God's Prophets', Seers', and Revelators'.  I hope and pray that each of  you paid particular attention to the thoughts and feelings that were impressed to you through the spirit.

Briefly, I want to share with you the imperative details I took away from this conference:
  1. The family is ordained of God as outlined in The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  In this world of destruction and turmoil, we need to hold fast to that which is most important: Our families.  
  2. Access to The Atonement of Jesus Christ comes in and only through the Sacrament.  As we partake upon the conditions of Faith and Repentance, we draw closer to becoming like our Heavenly Father when we eat of "The Bread of Life." 
  3. How important is the Book of Mormon to each of us? What would our life be like with out it? We need to make studying the Book of Mormon a priority each day in our lives.  It is absolutely imperative that we gain a firm and unshakable testimony of the truth and divinity held within the Book of Mormon.  
I know that as we continue to study the words that were given to us in General Conference, we will receive personal, Heaven inspired advice on how to become more like our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ!

Have a blessed week!

Elder Foster
Steadfast in Christ!